by Mark Martinho
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They must have legalized Pot when I wasn’t looking!
What else could Explain the Behavior of Union Officials?

This week Union Leaders lobbied city officials from various cities in San Mateo County not to switch to a two-tiered benefits plan. These guys must have been smoking something and for their sake I hope it’s legal.  
Is Wall Street behind free Internet Porn?
The SEC boys did not stand a chance against the sophisticated, well researched, mind numbing, sexually paralyzing assault that came at them. Addicted and  rendered useless to fight Wall Street’s abuses, the SEC boys stopped doing their jobs as Wall Street prepared to bring down the world’s economy.
Where has Civility Gone?
There’s free speech and then there’s civility and empathy for our fellow citizens, which is become a rare commodity. This past week we were served another example of the price we sometimes pay for free speech when the Westboro Baptist Church decided to visit Palo Alto.
To Protect and Self-Serve
Public employees like our police, firemen and many bureaucrats are overpaid and get unfairly generous benefits! I realize that police and fireman have dangerous jobs, but there is something about swearing to protect and serve that should include not bankrupting the community.
Kiss Democracy Goodbye!
The US Supreme Court’s decision this week allows corporations to spend billions to either prop up a candidate they like or shatter the reputation of someone that will not assist them in their goals.
It's unlikely any new Health Care Plan
will cover Chiropractor Visits!
After recent events with the democrats trying to pass a health care bill, I doubt that if a bill is passed that it will include visits to the chiropractor. How could democrats remember to include spine care without themselves having a backbone?
Are Airport Body Scans really
just a part of the new Healthcare Plan?
I suspect this is all tied in to healthcare. As a nation, we hide lots of ‘extra’ stuff under our clothing, but at the same time we are quite vain. We might be more apt to eat better and exercise more if we feel that our clothing is no longer going to hide those extra pounds. Maybe we could even turn this into a reality show. Guess who looks really good in their clothes, but horrible in the scan?
You can’t Scream Fire in a Crowded Theatre!

The recent health care bill debate was a perfect example. Numerous times congressman went on TV and made bold statements which were immediately proven as incorrect by fact checkers. But these statements scared millions of people. The ‘Death Panels’ scare was tantamount to screaming “Fire” in a crowded theatre. It incited panic and fear amongst some of the weakest people in our society.

Is Dick Cheney secretly Al Qaida
or does he just Hate America?

Is Dick Cheney secretly Al Qaida or does he just plain hate America? Turn on the TV and you often see our former Vice-President spouting how much he loves this country and hates Al Qaida and terrorists. I want to believe him, but he’s a politician and in my experience, when our leaders really seem to stand for something, that’s when they are secretly the most against it.

Human Nature Needs Oversight, Not Markets!

Human nature does not change, greed does not go away due to efficiencies. While I believe that the majority of people are good, we don’t need that many greedy Wall Street executives to bring down the system.

A new Democratic Club Launches for Redwood City & Woodside
Until recently, Redwood City and Woodside had no dedicated local Democratic clubs where residents could discuss and debate Democratic candidates and issues. That's changed with the launch of the Redwood City Woodside Democratic Club earlier this month. The Club's mission is to become a hub of activity and discussion for local Democrats, and in its first week more than 40 members have signed on. The official kick-off will come in late January / early February, when the club hosts a Candidate's Forum for the 21st Assembly District race to replace termed-out Assemblymember Ira Ruskin. For more information or to get involved, email club president Chris Balme at
Taking back Congress

I sometimes think that I should stop paying taxes because I get the distinct feeling that I’m under the yoke of taxation without representation. Only special interests,  corporations and the wealthy are getting actual representation at the State and National level.

Voting on Initiatives has to Stop!
Initiatives often mislead the public and are nothing but an admission that our politicians are not truly representing either our best interests or desires. If this is the case, then why are we voting on measures instead of voting our representatives out of office?