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ñ“… The age of Sat Nav and GPS is one of paradox. We are better than ever at finding our way from A to B, but we know less and less about what’s in between.” The Economist, 08/21/2010

Ruminating about Cervids

The San Mateo peninsula supports a significant deer population and, judging from observation plus comments from others, the number is growing. An abundance of water and cover but few predators results in an expanding population. Deer eat a wide variety of grasses and browse; plants, nuts, acorns, fruits, and berries, all plentiful here. However, as any homeowner within grazing range will tell you, deer also find most ornamental plants quite tasty.
The "Best Friend" Fitness Regimen!

Parks like Pulgas Open Space, which welcomes dogs, are busy no matter what the weather. In fact, the outdoors, both woods and town, seems subject to a new paradigm. The canines are getting (dragging?) their owners, female and male, out and about. Perhaps the combined media and medical emphasis on exercise has helped, but it’s the dogs we see leading the way.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
Point Lobos is a fantastic one two or three day trip. You can hike the trails in half a day, but if you spend time looking at the formations, forest, meadows, beaches, waves and all the 6 different types of geology in a couple square miles you can be there a week.
Joshua Tree National Park and San Jacinto State Park

Some great photos of our visit to these great California Parks

A Great Hike from Redwood City to Half Moon Bay

This spring, hiking with a friend on a clear day in the Russian Ridge Open Space preserve off Skyline Boulevard, we had a good view of the coastline. Good enough that it didn’t look very far away, and we speculated about how far it was, how long it might take to walk there, and if any trails existed.

While we talked about it, the idea came up about walking from home, in Redwood City to Highway 1. Not exactly a proposition as grand as Lewis and Clark’s expedition, but a pretty good walk nonetheless.

I'll Take Zombies over Crows any Day!!!

Does it seem like we’re seeing far more crows and ravens than ever before around Redwood City and San Carlos? While these birds are noted as being smart, when I’m driving around and see that many, I always feel like I’m in a horror movie of some sort.


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