by Mark Martinho
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Why can't we Cane Car Thieves?

Yesterday my usual routine was interrupted. I walked to my car in the morning to take my kids to school and it was immediately evident, someone had beaten me to the punch. Sometime overnight someone was in my car – damn!

Things were strewn about all over, I could see right away that my GPS system was gone -  not the built in type, but mounted to the dash. I could not find my sunglasses and my garage remote was also gone.
The Chrismas Hangover

Why did they bring some many kids full of joy,
all excited about a shiny new Christmas toy
All hyped up on sugar and their Christmas luck,
these little wrecking crews in my house ran amok.

I am such a Good Person or the World's Biggest Sucker?
It’s the time of year for giving, to think about those less fortunate and be charitable – no matter how painful it is or how unrewarding it feels at first!

Indulge me by allowing me to share with you one of my first experiences with being charitable. I was about six years old and living in Portugal. I would walk to school and pass up a field that was empty with the exception of a small shanty building the size of a child’s room.

One man's Battle & Success against Prostate Cancer!
After waiting for several days we got the results. I had cancer! In looking at the samples they concluded that 30% of the cells sampled on the left side were cancer and the right side had a lot of pre-cancer cells. My life changed at that moment. I was one of those people who had to go through treatment to try and get rid of cancer. My mind was in turmoil and I was angry as well as in kind of shock. My wife and I talked a lot that night about it and I broke down. It’s been a while since I last cried but it was good for me. I accepted the fact that I had the disease and the next day I did the first thing the doctor told me not to do. I Googled. In several hours I was overdosed with data, some wrong, some old, some that did not pertain to me, but all rotten.
Down, but Not Out! Caught Computer Bug!
I got sucker punched Monday morning. I woke up, went to use my computer to do a Google search and the right items came up on the screen, but when I clicked on the URL, it took me to a completely unrelated site. It was early, so maybe I just clicked the wrong place? I tried again and same results. Crap! My browser was hijacked!
"Hello, you know that operation I said you need? Well, it's actually the least of your problems!!!
My father got worse over the next couple of days and went back, his primary physician admitted that he misdiagnosed him, it was probably a gall bladder stone blocking the bile duct which was causing pancreatitis.
'Tis the Reason for Credit Card Ripoffs!
Tis’ the season for credit card scammers. We usually hear about the calls from scammers pretending to be from your card company, then came the phishing emails and now come the text messages. Both my wife and I received text messages yesterday claiming to be from Visa’s Customer Service telling us that our credit cards had been frozen and that we needed to call 313-843-9546 to address the issue.
The $1,000 Norwegian Rat (sadly this Story is True)!!!

I don’t know if the raccoons put to rats up to it as revenge or if the rats thought up the invasion themselves I don't know if these were San Carlos or Redwood City Rats, but I am certain there is some sort of command structure in the vermin world and I have yet to discover their organizational charts. After the devastating raccoons raids of 2007, I understood that I required some sort of missile defense system to guard my pond, but soon discovered they will not sell those to civilians.

Your Credit Score may Affect your ability to land a new Job?
I had an interesting meeting today with a credit repair specialist, Sean Clemens of Peak Credit Solutions. No, fortunately this was not for me personally, but for the sake of helping clients. Anyway, beyond the way to repair credit so you can buy things, the interesting tidbit was that many companies are now pulling up the credit histories of potential employees and a low score can be enough for a company not to hire you! Especially if it's unpaid debts
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