by Mark Martinho
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Killer Denial by Sea World
regarding Death of Trainer

New Rule – anyone making a statement on Television has to be hooked up to electrodes and if more then 1 Million viewers press the “BS” button on their remotes, the speaker gets a good jolt of electricity
Like Opera or just want to give it a try?
The Century Movie Theatres in downtown Redwood City are playing both live and pre-recorded classical operas from the Metropolitan Opera. The shows are in high-definiton and digital sound. A great opportunity to enjoy opera by some of the world's best singers without traveling far or spending too much. Plus, you can eat a hot dog at the opera!!!
A Predictable & Unoriginal Script,
But WOW on the Visuals!
Despite this criticism, I loved this movie. The world they created is so amazing. Fantastic colors and strange animals. Your eye wonders all around the screen to try to capture every wonderful creation. The computer graphics are so great that I was often asking myself whether I was looking at a person in make-up or a computer generated image
Great Movie about Friendship & Motives.
Great peek at Human Nature
One of the best sleepers I can think of is Big Kahuna. A fantastic, must watch movie about character, friendship, hidden motives and really putting your own actions into perspective. It is truly an introspective movie that examines people at their core.  
2012 was Sensational to the Eyes,
but Lite on the Soul
There were buildings crashing everywhere, volcanoes spewing flaming mountains of rock into the sky, giant tidal waves, car crashes, plane crashes, the earth collapsing under your feet and general mayhem. It was almost as destructive as Wall Street last December.
Redwood City gets Out Foxed.
Theatre is Foreclosed!
It was a sad day for Redwood City when it was announced that the Fox Theatre in downtown Redwood City was officially foreclosed on by its investors. Future shows have all been cancelled at the ‘Big’ Fox and it’s uncertain whether the month’s worth of remaining shows will still perform at the “Little” Fox.
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