by Mark Martinho
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Luis F. Trucios
February 1, 2010

I read your article "To protect & self serve" and found it refreshing. I have lived in Redwood City almost 50 years and find the over payment of bureaucrats outrageous. The politicians are nothing but a bunch of self serving @3#@#@%!. It's time to vote every incumbent out of office. From the top down. And the fire brigade, and their union, need to re-evaluate who they really work for.

Thank you,
Luis F. Trucios
Redwood City, CA

Liz Rhodes
January 20, 2010

Hi Mark,

I saw your website regarding recyclables.  FYI, we just had dinner with RWC friends and had this conversation. I don’t want anyone taking anything that does not belong to them without permission.  Secondly, I just today put out a sealed up plastic bag, yes, in the rain, to donate to an organization that will pick it up.  I wouldn’t be happy if someone else came along and took it. I really support this charitable organization, and I would like to think that I have a choice in where and how I donate, and how I recycle. You pose an interesting question.  For me, the bottom line is I don’t want anyone taking anything without permission. I feel invaded when it happens.  I have seen reports in the police blotters of citizens calling and complaining, but I am not there yet!

Highly Intelligent Citizen
This Fantantic Website
December 4, 2009
This is by far the best website about Redwood City that I have ever seen. The writing is superb and I can't get enough of the handsome realtor's advertising. It's about time someone invested sometime and money into propelling our great city into the tubes of the internet. OK, we al know who wrote this post as a test.