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The Plot Thickens Around the New Jail!

Sheriff accuses Redwood City Council of thwarting his efforts to find new location. The State shifts prisoner loads to counties and no one blinks at the huge salaries the new jail will pay out!
Vote on New Jail maybe be Postponed,
New Meeting with Aides on June 25th Open to Public!
In light of opposition expressed by the Redwood City Council and the public to the proposed location for the new jail, it is unlikely that the supervisors will vote on June 29th.  Meantime, Maya Perkins, Supervisor Gibson’s aide, will be holding a meeting that is open to the public this Friday (June 25th) at 11AM  
County Getting Ready to Vote on Adding
a 3rd Jail to Downtown Redwood City!
The County is preparing to ram another prison into our Redwood City downtown whether we like it or not. On June 29th, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will be voting to accept a proposal from the Sheriff's office to build a 750 person jail on Winslow Street near Veterans Boulevard in Redwood City on 3.5 acre parcel.
Redwood City Considering Laying off 41 Employees,
How much do we pay the Police?
My math tells me the average police pay would need to be $147K/year to get the $2.2M savings. But many of these positions are suppose to be paid well below $100K? Either we have been way overpaying some of these positions or there is a mistake in the savings?
Redwood City gets Out Foxed No More?

Yesterday’s news was very welcomed. The news was that a local businessman intends to lease the Fox Theatre in Redwood City and live shows should resume this summer. What a great turn of events.


New Senior-Veteran's Center Proposal
is a little hard to Consider for the Moment

My concerns are that given the budget crisis and many of our citizens feeling the pressures of this struggling economy, it is difficult for me to imagine that anyone wants to take on more debt or pay higher taxes anytime soon to pay for a $58,000,000 new Senior-Veteran's Center.

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I wish they had been trying to pull a fast one!

.. . it means that our water and sewer rates are going up in Redwood City and we still have not addressed the budget shortfall, so there will be more taxes on top of higher rates. I would have been happier to find out it was a sneaky method to get those extra needed revenues!
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Redwood City Facing Deep Cuts

March 8, 2010 Redwood City Council meeting discussed some budget problems, but no decisions were made.  Amongst the measures being considered are cutting 32 jobs, salary freezes and reducing pension plans for city employees.

Big Oak drops over on Blandford and takes down powerlines and cracks a few power poles

Will this be a lawsuit for the City? Neighbors living around the area where the tree came down told me that the homeowner had been calling the city for over a month concerned that the tree might be about to fall.
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A Meeting with Redwood City's Mayor
Jeff Ira and some Observations

Redwood City is in some trouble, in the next 4 years, some $10-14M of expenditures need to be cut from the city budget. Currently 81% of the budget is paid out to salaries, this of course will mean less folks to provide us the services we depend on.

Why do Red-Light Cameras Give me the Creeps?

I hate it when I’m at a stoplight and my light turns green, but cars continue to speed by leaving no doubt that the last stragglers ran a red-light. As much as I would love for there to be a cop nearby to write them a ticket, I have an aversion to a camera catching them in the act and snapping a picture.

The Redwood City Bay side is a Truly Unique Area

When you are out in the water between the islands looking back at civilization you realize how much beauty is within your grasp in RWC. I have preferred to kayak out in the Redwood City Harbor and the estuaries that flow into it before the harbor reaches the bay. Everything between is full of fish, birds, mammals of all types and history.

Heated Debates over the Practice
of Scavenging for Recyclables
We’ve all seen it, people picking through the recycle bins out on the curb for cans. This is particularly annoying when it happens at 5am and wakes you up. I have walked into several conversations regarding the subject of recyclables scavenging and been surprised by very strong reactions by some of our Redwood Citizens.
Has San Carlos Spanked us in Christmas Spirit?
Boy, I think San Carlos has showed up Redwood City in Christmas spirit – we got spanked! If you want to show your kids a real Christmas treat, visit Eucalyptus Street in San Carlos, right off of Brittan. It is a delight for children of all ages. This is a neighborhood that takes Christmas decorating very seriously.
Construction updates on Sequoia Hospital!
No doubt you have seen the new parking structure out in front of Sequoia hospital. So what is in store for Sequoia? Lots! To begin with the new parking structure was part of an overall building plan that according to the hospital’s website goes something like this . . .
Redwood City gets Out Foxed.
Theatre is Foreclosed!
It was a sad day for Redwood City when it was announced that the Fox Theatre in downtown Redwood City was officially foreclosed on by its investors. Future shows have all been cancelled at the ‘Big’ Fox and it’s uncertain whether the month’s worth of remaining shows will still perform at the “Little” Fox.
What the Heck are they doing on
the corner of El Camino & Broadway?
It's not just road repair, there's a fancy name to describe the project underway. It's all part of the "Grand Boulevard" improvement project. The city is constructing a better pedestrian way and making landscape improvements plus replacing the old water main under the road.
Stop Dumping Money down the Drain.
Call the City instead of a Plumber.

What they never mentioned to me or a few of my neighbors is that the city is responsible for the sewer pipe from the clean out and beyond. That's part of the services we pay for with our real estate taxes.

Dude Where's my Car?

The new parking meters downtown are numerous, making it convenient to pay for parking regardless of where you find a space for your car. The problem I had this morning was not finding a parking pay station across the street from Power House Gym, it was instead knowing where I parked.

Police Out on corner of Jefferson & El Camino
to remind drivers about Pedestrian rights of way!

It seems that we Redwood City drivers forget from time to time that the pedestrian has the right of way on our city streets. Last Thursday the police were out at the corner of Jefferson and El Camino to give many of us a not so subtle reminder of the law

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