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About us or me for now! My name is Mark Martinho and I am the owner-broker of Vabrato Real Estate Services. I moved here in 1995 and this where my life happens. My wife works at Sequoia Hospital, my two kids have been attending our local public schools and I opened my brokerage here in Redwood City. This is home!

Sometime ago, I began blogging on my real estate website about Redwood City and life experiences. As time progressed, the themes I wrote about were getting too numerous and had little place in a real estate website. Upon searching, I was surprised that a great city like ours did not have a prominent non-government website covering many of the topics that impact our daily lives.

Some people familiar with my previous blog, coaxed me into extracting my blog from my real estate website and creating a site focused on Redwood City. This is a large undertaking that I'm hoping it becomes a community effort into keeping it updated with interesting and relevant stories.

I'm fairly confident that as time passes, this website will change significantly as I and other contributors become more experienced with what our audience wants to read.

For my part, I will try to update this website on a daily basis, but I need you out there to contribute to its content. Feedback will always be appreciated - whether its criticism or praise, In addition, if you can't contribute a story, perhaps you have suggestions for a great story. Please Email me anytime with feedback, suggestions or any technical difficulties you might have with this site.

Thank you and I hope this website is a positive contribution to our city and its residents. I also hope that overtime we get some consistent contributors, so this page can be about more than just me and you don't have to see my mug accompanying the majority of the stories. And yes, I am shamelessly plugging my business in this website.